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ONLINE BOOKINGS now available!


We understand it's hard right now in the current world situation. It's hard not to be anxious and make impulse decisions. If you want to reach out for a chat with us about how the stimulus package may help and other options to assist, please make a free booking here. We have limited spots each week.


We understand the need for budgeting and the impact it has to help you manage your small business.  Please contact us  to discuss your needs.

We are offering a Business Activation Package tailored to your circumstances. Things we consider will include:

  • Your current cash flow situation over 1 to 3 months

  • Government incentives available

  • The current state of your accounts (this is important for bank/financial negotiation or Gov applications)

  • Payroll records/the Super amnesty

  • Moving to the cloud

  • Being creative to create revenue in the current environment